Walkley Book Award

Since 1956, the annual Walkley Awards have been the pinnacle of achievement for any Australian journalist

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Talking to My Country
Book - 2016 Winner, Walkley Book Award, 2016
Nominees: Stan Grant
ANF 305.89915 GRAN
Available in some locations
The Straight Dope
The Straight Dope
The Straight Dope The Inside Story of Sport's Biggest Drug Scandal By Le Grand, Chip
Book - 2015 Winner, Walkley Book Award, 2015
Nominees: Chip Le Grand
ANF 362.29088796 LEGR
Available in some locations
Triumph and Demise
Book - 2014 Winner, Walkley Book Award, 2014
Nominees: Paul Kelly
ANF 324.29407 KELL
Available in some locations
Killing Fairfax
Book - 2013 Winner, Walkley Book Award, 2013
Nominees: Pamela Williams
ANF 338.76107050994 WILL
Available in some locations
The Australian Moment
Book | Second edition Winner, Walkley Book Award, 2012
Nominees: George Megalogenis
ANF 320.994 MEGA
Available in some locations
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