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Jul 15, 2019

I really enjoyed this book. I think it is awesome for kids my age. It has a terrible scenario at the beginning. But it also has a happy ending.

IndyPL_SteveB Jul 14, 2019

This is already becoming a classic graphic novel for middle grades. *Smile* is an autobiographical story, in which the author relates her 6th grade accident where she knocked out her front teeth. She goes through years of dental surgery, along with the usual middle school problems with boys, teachers, and false friends, hoping to finally get a good smile and to figure out life and friendships. Highly relatable story; good for her growing self-confidence.

Winner of the Eisner Award for Graphic novels among other awards. Fun, with a purpose.

Jul 12, 2019

This book is good for a wide array of readers.

ArapahoeKati Jul 11, 2019

I admired so much how Telgemeier took an awkward experience and made it into a fun graphic novel. I loved each page.

Jun 16, 2019

I loved this book! 😍 it was mostly very funny. I can relate to Raina since I also have braces. This book is great for people of all ages!

May 18, 2019

I absolutely loved this book. The humor is extremely funny yet completely true. Raina has shown her story while showing how many other girls suffer through braces, drama, family, and so much more. I had many lol moments in this book and highly recommend it to anyone who comes across it. Enjoy reading!! :)

Loved reading this book!

Mar 09, 2019

This is a very fantastic book! There is so much detail, humour, and creativity! I love how the book is based on Raina’s real story! I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a book you can read over, and over!

Who knew one girl could have so much dental drama? After knocking out her two front teeth in sixth grade, Raina begins a long (and painful) journey through surgeries, braces, and embarrassing headgear, all while dealing with the normal awkward moments of middle school. This truly unique story was an engaging read and brought me back to my own middle school days (but without any residual twinges of embarrassment!). The colorful portrayals of preteen drama were just so spot on and so well done! — Baileigh F., Walker Library

Feb 06, 2019

That was an amazing book!!Love it!U should’ve read this!It is tough going all through that headgear,braces,and all kinds of things like that.Since it’s such a good book I am going to rate this book 5 out 5 stars!!

Jan 30, 2019

one of my favorite books!! I have read it over 12 times! It one of the best graphic novel out there! :)

JCLHeatherM Nov 13, 2018

Braces have a habit of appearing at the worst time in a person's life (when their body's already going through changes and friendships are fluctuating). Having the ability to 'smile' through it may make the journey a little easier.

Oct 16, 2018

this book is good and i like to read this book you should read it

Jul 29, 2018

OMG, this book was really good I recommend it to EVERYONE who reads this comment! Raina learns about changes in her life and how it's not always easy growing up. this book deserves 5 stars!!!

Jul 28, 2018

Smile is a novel about a teen girl who struggles with being a teenager, as well as having troubles with her teeth. She goes through some struggles with school as well. She wants to fit in with the other kids but finds it hard as she has braces and feels that she is weird and out of place. I relate to this novel because I also had some similar school troubles. She also struggles with fitting in with the other students. It's a very short yet sweet novel. I recommend this book to preteens, and give it a 4/5. @Gummibee11 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

I think that the book Smile, by Raina Telgemeier is an amazing book! I would rate this book a 5/5 because of the story line and illustrations. I think that this is a book that all children and teenagers should read, because of the real life scenarios that are shown/talked about. It talks about getting braces, bullying, starting high school, fake friends, and much more! The story is full of humor, as well as some serious moments. To add on to story line is very detailed illustrations. The illustrations make it way easier for the reader to imagine what’s going on. Overall, this is a great book that I think all children and teenagers should read if they need something to relate to! Rating 5/5
- @booksinaflash of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Smile is an autobiographical account of Raina Telgemeier's life from middle school to high school with the use of amazing illustrations and a graphic style. When Raina accidentally knocks out her two front teeth, her life begins to often revolve around the orthodontics office. She is faces braces, headgear, surgeries and to top it all off, teenage and social quandaries. This true story is so intriguing and portrays a very powerful message. There would have been no other way to express this story than the way Raina Telgemeier had. Readers of all ages will love this sensible, meaningful and engaging book. But, I definitely recommend Smile for those tweens and teens out there who are looking for a fun and relatable read. This book is a true work of art and definitely reaches out to the young readers of our generation. Rate 4.5/5 stars.
- @ReadingIceCream of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Jul 27, 2018

I liked this book. #PACL2018

Jul 25, 2018

This books portrays high school and growing up realistically

Jul 21, 2018

It was awesome and a great first book to read.

Jul 08, 2018

Smile is a great story. Raina has a very exciting life. I have braces now, and I know how she feels while getting them tightened. She lost a few friends, but made a lot more new ones. She has a brother and a sister, and they are both annoying to her, like my little brother and sister.

May 24, 2018

This was a fun story. While aimed for a younger crowd (12-16?), it is enjoyable to adults as well. Raina writes a cheeriy story while looking at some somber ideas.

Raina learns about confidence, friendship, trust in self....all the things teens suffer through and have to resolve. These lessons are learned around the trauma of missing teeth & braces and the safety of family.

May 20, 2018

This was a fun story. While aimed for a younger crowd (12-16?), it is enjoyable to adults as well. Raina writes a cheeriy story while looking at some somber ideas.

Raina learns about confidence, friendship, trust in self....all the things teens suffer through and have to resolve. These lessons are learned around the trauma of missing teeth & braces and the safety of family.

NeelamReads Jan 27, 2018

This is an autobiographical graphic novel of Raina Telgemeier’s childhood. Raina is afraid about getting braces but when she trips and falls, injuring her two front tooth, visiting the orthodontist becomes necessary. Over the next four years, she has many trips to the orthodontist, and needs mouth surgeries, braces, and even embarrassing headgear. To make matters worse, her friends are not supportive and judgmental, which makes Raina self-conscious and insecure. However, as the novel progresses, Raina learns to focus less on superficial appearances and more on her passions. This in turn leads to better relationships with the people around her.

I would recommend this book because teenagers can easily relate to the themes inside, especially those of wanting to fit in with their friends. This book has an important message about self-acceptance and confidence that important for everyone to read about.

TrKr Jan 04, 2018

Though I did not experience the trauma of her dental issues, I remember braces well. This graphic novel shows how resilient teens can be. Raina also shows her strength in how she responds to her "friends." I recommend this book.

Jan 01, 2018

I really love this book, Raina is so brave! But I like sisters better.

Nov 17, 2017

This is a personal book--one I could still relate with when I read it in college.

My dental and orthodontic record includes--
- a palate expander that temporarily caused a gap between my front teeth
- 4+ years of braces
- a retainer I barely use these days
- extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth

and all of this began around the same age as Raina in her illustrated memoir. The constantly changing map of my teeth as well as maturing body gave way to some of the more struggle-filled years of my life--and Ms. Telegemeier gets it.

As I've read other stories she's written and illustrated, it really shows how comfortable Raina Telegemeier is with confronting the milestones and struggles of girls' adolescence. The majority of it surrounds changing interests, seeking personal identity, and trying to find your footing in the world. And that's a good thing to talk about. The more these stories are shared, the more we come to realize that it's all normal. Having metal in your mouth is something many people went through. I had that palate expander so one of my canines could fall into place. And it's embarrassing at the time, but it's a hurdle to overcome.
And you do. And you can smile.

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