When I started out reading The Stand I got maybe 10% in, if that, then I put it down for a while. Once I started listening to the audiobook, it still took me a few months to knock it out.
I'll admit that when I saw that this was 48 hours of listening, I was really intimidated. It took me a while to really get into it, I'd say half way through. This is quite a long book, so half way through is no joke. I did enjoy the first half, don't get me wrong. I was actually hooked right away, it was just a lot of getting to know different characters. A. LOT. OF. DIFFERENT. CHARACTERS. I honestly didn't remember who some people were until they were mentioned a few times. Luckily there were a few characters that I looked forward to reading from their viewpoint again, and that kept me going.
Once I really got into it, I could not stop listening. I was definitely hooked. It wasn't that the "action" started or anything. I just really got connected to the characters and felt invested in how it all played out.
In the end, I really enjoyed The Stand. I always love how genuine King's characters are. They feel like real people, and they aren't all the same. I like that not every character is from the same background, thinks the same way, or wants the same things. Sometimes you can tell which viewpoint is that of the author, but King has a way of letting his characters speak for themselves.
I would recommend The Stand to fans of King or to anyone in the mood for one long ride of a dystopian.

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