A Beautiful Dark was definitely not what I was expecting after reading the synopsis. It was, however, a book that I really enjoyed reading!
Skye is the main character in the story. I found her to be a very likeable character. She was very smart, and very responsible. She's definitely a girl that you can trust. When she finds out that her life isn't what it seems, she doesn't act all crazy and freak out. She takes it in stride and rolls with it. In the end, we find out just what she's capable of, and it's pretty impressive.

Asher and Devin are the new guys at school, and they both seem to have an intense attraction to Skye. I really liked Asher's character. He was funny and a little bit on the snarky side. He really seemed to be into Skye, although you can tell at times he's resisting.

Mahala's rating:
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