Princess of Glass
Princess of Glass Princess of the Midnight Ball Series, Book 2 By George, Jessica Day eBook

Princess Poppy of Westfalin, a secondary character in one of George's other story's, is sent to Breton as part of the royal exchange program (for those of marrying age, of course). Having once been forced to dance by an evil magician, Poppy refuses to dance. But when a the mysterious Lady Ella comes to a ball, and when every man becomes enthrealled with her, its up to Poppy (with the help of her cousins, Prince Christian, and Lady Ella's childhood sweetheart) to put a stop to Lady Ella, and her Godmother. Roughly based on Cinderella, this is a great story, just like all of George's books. To get the complete story, read the prequel to 'Princess of Glass', "Princess of the Midnight Ball'.

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