Study of the movements & positions of celestial bodies to see the influence on human affairs and the natural world.
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The Everything Astrology Book
Follow the Stars to Find Love, Success, and Happiness!
eBook - 2006
Working With the Magic of Lunar Cycle
Book - 2016
Ba Zi
The Four Pillars of Destiny : Understanding Character, Relationships and Potential Through Chinese Astrology
Book - 2017
Astrological Transits
The Beginner's Guide to Using Planetary Cycles to Plan and Predict your Day, Week, Year (or Destiny)
Book - 2015
Astrology for Writers
Spark your Creativity Using the Zodiac
Book - 2013
The Watkins Astrology Handbook
The Practical System of DIY Astrology
Book - 2006
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Relationship Astrology
The Beginner's Guide to Charting and Predicting Love, Romance, Chemistry, and Compatibility
Book - 2016
Astrology Made Simple
A Beginner's Guide to Interpreting your Birth Chart & Revealing your Horoscope
Book - 2015
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For Those Who Won't Admit They're Interested
by Sudhir
Book - 2009
Secrets of the Moon : Discover your True Life Path and Purpose
Book - 2015
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