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LoganLib_Bryony made a comment Sep 20 2018
"Illustrated by one of my favorite author/illustrators, Errol is a fantastic read out loud book about a penguin child who will not come even when Mum counts to 3!" Permalink
LoganLib_Bryony rated a title Sep 20 2018
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LoganLib_Bryony created a list Sep 13 2018
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Political drama
"Real world politics getting you down? Try these series were the good guys do win (sometimes)."
LoganLib_Bryony liked a list Aug 22 2018
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This Universe is Not Big Enough
"Books that are science fiction & Fantasy that are recommended by myself. It will be a growing list as I read old and new alike. Remember lists are subjective so don't stress if you don't agree with my picks."
LoganLib_Bryony made a comment Aug 22 2018
"A very clever picture book that shows perspective is everything. Read one way its a story of unwelcoming seals, warning off newcomers but read it backwards and it's a wonderful welcome to our home story." Permalink
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