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The Fiber Fueled Cookbook

Inspiring Plant-based Recipes to Turbocharge your Health

Bulsiewicz, Will
Book, 2022

ANF 641.5631 BULS

Natural Skincare for All Seasons

A Modern Guide to Growing & Making Plant-based Products/ Silvana De Soissons

de Soissons, Silvana
Book, 2022

ANF 668.55 DESO

Let's Eat Vegan

Book, 2022

ANF 641.56362 LETS

The Pegan Diet

21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming your Health in A Nutritionally Confusing World

Hyman, Mark
Book, 2021

ANF 641.5638 HYMA

How Veganism Can Save Us

Hakansson, Emma
Book, 2022


Vegan Do It!

Willis, Charlotte
Book, 2020

JNF 613.2622 WILL

Earthy Vegan Eats

60 Delicious Gluten-free Plant-based Recipes

Gureeva, Maria
Book, 2021

ANF 641.56362 GURE

The Proof Is in the Plants

How Science Shows A Plant-based Diet Could Save your Life (and the Planet)

Hill, Simon
Book, 2021

ANF 613.2622 HILL

Everyday Vegan

Easy and Delicious, Vegan Recipes for Busy People

Norman, Jackie
Book, 2020

ANF 641.56362 NORM

Naturally Stefanie

Simple Plant-based Recipes, Workouts and Daily Rituals for A Stronger, Happier You

Moir, Stefanie
Book, 2019

ANF 613.2622 MOIR

I'm A Vegan

Vallepur, Shalini
Book, 2019

JNF 641.56362 VALL

Thriving on Plants

Tu, Cherie
Book, 2019

ANF 641.56362 TU

The Global Vegan

Bullen, Ellie
Book, 2019

ANF 641.56362 BULL

Vegan for Everybody

Foolproof Plant-based Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and In-between

Book, 2017

ANF 641.563 VEGA

Eat your Greens, Reds, Yellows and Purples

Book, 2016

JNF 641.5636 EAT



YNF 613.2620994 VEGE

Be More Vegan

Webster, Niki
Book, 2021

JNF 641.56362 WEBS

My Vegan Year

Webster, Niki
Book, 2021

JNF 641.5636 WEBS

The Vegucated Family Table

Irresistible Vegan Recipes & Proven Tips for Feeding Plant-powered Babies, Toddlers & Kids

Wolfson, Marisa Miller
Book, 2020

ANF 641.56362 WOLF

The WFPB Cookbook

100 Recipes to Enjoy the Whole-food, Plant-based Diet

Weber, Justin
Book, 2020

ANF 641.5636 WEBE


A Guide to Living Vegan Lifestyle

Watson, Lucy
Book, 2020

ANF 613.2622 WATS

Vegan Living

A Simple Guide to A Cruelty-free, Healthy, Plant-based Life

Sherman, Ondine
Book, 2020

ANF 613.2622 SHER

Kindness Community

Vegan Cookbook

Book, 2020

ANF 641.56362 KIND

Vegan With Bite

Martinez, Shannon
Book, 2020

ANF 641.56362 MART

The Happy Health Plan

Simple and Tasty Plant-based Food to Nourish your Body Inside and Out

Flynn, David
Book, 2020

ANF 641.5636 FLYN

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